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Dental Crowns

Dental crown procedures are highly effective for treating and restoring a tooth that may have become infected, damaged, or fallen out. Dental crowns are also referred to as “caps” which help cover the damage tooth to reestablish the shape, size, appearance and improve its strength. Our dental crown specialists create a natural look by providing solutions to your oral health issue. We recommend dental crowns in certain cases such as tooth decay that can’t be treated with a filling, a cracked tooth that needs more support, worn-out teeth caused by teeth grinding, in support of a dental bridge, or to cover up a tooth implant.

We utilize advanced technology and tools to give you the optimal oral health care you need. With the team work of our dental hygienist, we will make sure to properly clean any part of your teeth you might miss.


Types of Dental Crowns:

Metal Crowns

Metal crowns can come in different colors and forms. Metal crowns last longer and are highly durable when compared to other dental crowns. The main reason many deter from metal crowns is due to its color.

Porcelain-Fused-To Metal Crowns

This is the most common restorative material used for dental crowns which is a combination of porcelain and metal that is heated together.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are among the most strong type of crown and considered to provide a natural look. However, they are considered to be an expensive option.

Cosmetic Crowns (Ceramic)

Ceramic crowns are made of porcelain and in dentistry porcelain is used to create a natural tooth-color dental material. Cosmetic crowns are designed to restore anterior (front) teeth and easily blend in with your teeth. They are durable, strong, and don’t break or chip easily.

All-Resin Crowns

All-resin restorations are considered low-cost dental crowns in comparison to metal, gold, porcelain, and ceramic crowns. However, these crowns are more fragile and prone to fractures. Resin restorations are more often used on decayed baby teeth rather than permanent teeth.

Gold Crowns

Gold crowns are made from gold but not recommended due to their lack of aesthetic appeal.


Dental Crown Procedure In Glenview

A dental crown is used after a dental implant or root canal procedure. These procedures can take one day to complete depending on the individual. The beginning steps of a dental crown procedure involves taking a digital x-ray, tooth reshaping, and temporary crown installation. During the final steps of the process your permanent crown will be installed. Your dentist will ensure the color of the dental crown matches your other tooth and fits in your mouth properly. Before the crown replacement, a local anesthetic is administered if the patient requires it. This medication is able to numb the area to relieve and discomfort. Finally, a special dental cement is used to keep the crown in place.

Dental Crown Aftercare

A few tips you should follow after your procedure and your anesthesia wear off include to take ibuprofen if you are feeling discomfort or pain. If your symptoms continue after a few weeks or are severe then we would recommend visiting our dental office in Glenview or Naperville to ensure there aren’t any other serious issues going on.

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Dental Exam & Cleaning FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Ultimately, you and your dentist will have to decide if dental crowns are right for you. However, they are considered a good long-term option.
On average, dental crowns are meant to last between 5 to 15 years. This number varies on the wear and tear the crown experienced and how often you follow good oral hygiene practices and any other mouth-related habits you picked up on.

The process of getting a crown is not painful. Your dentist will apply an anesthetic and sedation to make you feel comfortable.

A dental crown is fitted by preparing the tooth and removing any plaque or decay on the outer layer so that crown will fit properly. After, an impression is made to create a model that is exactly the same as your tooth.
It could be possible to repair a dental crown that is chipped. However, it does depend on how badly it is damaged. If the chip isn’t too large then we could repair it with resin. In other cases, your crown may need to be reshaped and smoothed.

Dental Crown In Wheaton

At Smile Obsession, we are passionate about providing the best dental care to Glenview, Naperville, Northbrook, Wheaton, Skokie, and Morton Grove residents. If you live in the area or surrounding areas and you are searching for “dental crown near me” you can give us a call, book an appointment online, or fill out our form for more information such as the cost of dental crowns.

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