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Dental Bridges

If you are missing teeth, you can close the gap in your smile using a dental bridge. A dental bridge is a false tooth often called a pontic that is held in place by the abutment teeth which are on either side of the gap. Pontics can be made of different materials such as gold. However, they’re typically made with porcelain which blends in with your natural teeth. A dental bridge is recommended to improve your smile by restoring your ability to eat, chew properly, and speak.

Dental Bridge Types :


A traditional dental bridge is made up of a false tooth or teeth that are held in place by dental crowns that are cemented on each of the abutment teeth. A traditional dental bridge is the most popular option as it blends in most naturally with your teeth.


The cantilever dental bridge is similar to a traditional bridge. However, the cantilever bridge only needs one natural tooth next to the missing tooth gap.


A Maryland dental bridge uses a framework of porcelain or metal that is bonded onto the backs of the abutment teeth. This type of bridge can only be used when you have a natural tooth on each side of the gap which is caused by the missing tooth or teeth.


Implant-supported bridges use dental implants instead of dental crowns or frameworks. Most frequently, one implant is placed surgically for every tooth that is missing and these implants hold the bridge in its position. This is considered to be the strongest and most stable implant and commonly requires two surgeries.

Dental Bridge FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

A dental bridge is meant to last on average for 10 years.
If your dental bridge is loose then it can be easily repaired and recemented. The original cement that is used to bond your bridge is built to last many years and wouldn’t be possible to remove without causing damage to the teeth that are supporting it.
A dental bridge is used to bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth and your dentist can choose various methods such as a traditional bridge, cantilever, and Maryland bonded.
Typically, it will take most patients about two weeks to adjust and you will start noticing improvements each day.
Cleaning your dental bridge is simple. We recommend using a superfloss to weave between your bridge and tooth. Superfloss was designed to help clean your teeth and gums when you might have braces, bridges, or implants between the teeth. Once you weave the superfloss through the area you can wrap the spongy floss around the tooth and and slide up and down to clean the surface of the adjacent tooth. After that, you can move the floss between the base of the bridge and your gum to remove the plaque build up.

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