Custom Mouthguards

If you are active in sports or any athletic activity, then a custom athletic mouthguard is something you may be looking for. Mouthguards are designed to protect your teeth and jaw from possible trauma while participating in athletic activity. Mouth guards can be utilized by both adults and children that are looking to protect their mouth from possible trauma. At Smile Obsession, we recommend that athletes wear a custom mouthguard to avoid any oral injuries. Mouthguards are easy to use removable dental accessories.

Getting a customized mouthguard or sometimes known as a bite guard is something you may be considering due to its maximum comfort, oral protection, and durability. These dental guards are designed uniquely for each individual to prevent any discomfort, lack of protection, or slippage in your mouth. At Smile Obsession, we have made personalized mouth guards for many children and adult athletes.

Types of Mouthguards:

Mouthguards can be worn by professional athletes who play boxing, football, soccer, karate, rugby, skateboarding, or any sport where there are higher risks of dental injury. There are several different types of mouthguards you can choose from. No matter which mouthguard you want our dentists can give you the advice you need to make the best decision based on your lifestyle.

Preformed Mouthguards

You can find preformed mouthguards most frequently at sports stores. These mouthguards are affordable and have a unique teeth pattern on them. However, they can be uncomfortable to wear unless your teeth are perfectly aligned. If your teeth are not perfectly aligned many have found these mouthguards to be painful to the gums.

“Boil and Bite” Mouthguards

“Boil and bite” mouthguards are also commonly found at sports stores. When you purchase them they are hard until you place them in a pot of boiling water. Once it has somewhat cooled you can mold the mouthguard into your teeth by pushing with your fingers and tongue to get the shape of your teeth making them more comfortable than preformed mouthguards.

Custom Mouthguards

Getting a customized mouthguard is ideal and tailored perfectly for your mouth. Our dentists at Smile Obsession will first design a model of your teeth, and then individually fabricate it into a piece of protective gear that fits exact to your mouth. Most importantly, it will be strong, comfortable, and lightweight.

Mouthguard Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your mouthguard is easy and doesn’t take up much of your time. The most important factor you’ll want to keep in mind is to keep it clean as often as possible. You can rinse your mouthguard or use a mild cleanser to rinse it generously before using it again. Once you are done using it you’ll want to always keep it in a ventilated container to prevent germs, bacteria, bad odor, or any damage. If your mouthguard is made in acrylic, it should be kept in water to preserve its shape.

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Custom Mouthguard FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Wearing a mouthguard is not bad for your teeth if used properly and in the appropriate situations. A mouthguard is made to protect your teeth from grinding or getting damaged from the pressure of clenching or grinding.
Disinfecting and deep cleaning your mouthguard is simple. You should clean your mouthguard weekly with an over-the-counter denture cleaner and soak it in water until the cleaner is dissolved completely. Another alternative is to soak it in hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. First, you can soak it in vinegar for 30 min and then another 30 minutes in hydrogen peroxide. Finally, rinse it thoroughly under water.
Using a mouthguard is easy. Once your dentist gets you a customized fit you can place your mouthguard in your mouth by aligning it and closing down on your teeth until it fits snug.
Mouthguards, also known as mouth protectors, help protect and cushion any blow you might get in the face area in order to lower the risk of getting broken teeth or injuries to your jaw, face, or lips. Mouthguards cover your lower and upper teeth and are a great benefit to protecting the soft tissues of your cheeks, lips, and tongue.
It is possible for your teeth to shift if you do not get a custom-fit mouthguard. This is why it is highly recommended to go to a dentist if you plan on wearing a mouthguard frequently. Your dentist will customize your mouthguard to match your teeth perfectly.

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