General and Cosmetic Dentistry

Comprehensive dental services for the entire family

What to Expect On Your First Visit

What is the ultimate dental patient experience?

From the moment you walk into our dental practice in Glenview & Naperville, IL, you will see our beautiful and calming white and gold colors welcoming you into our spa-like office. Upon checking in with our friendly reception staff, you will hand in any forms you’ve been provided and able to fill out ahead of time, or you can complete them at check-in.

Our office assistant will give you a quick tour of our office to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Your first appointment with the dentist will start with X-rays using our state-of-the-art technology.

Your X-rays remain on file and will be updated every few dentist appointments so that we can monitor the health of your teeth and gums and look for any signs of potential issues where preventative steps can prevent further dental issues.

The dentist will have a short conversation with you to discuss any issues you may be experiencing, past dental concerns or work you’ve had done, or any concerns of your own regarding your teeth, gums, and smile.

The dentist will complete his oral exam and if cosmetic dentistry or any dental surgery is what brought you to us, the dentist will lay out a plan and schedule for treatment if you would like to move forward.

Dental Services

At Smile Obsession in Glenview & Naperville, IL, our compassionate and dedicated team of dental practitioners offer a complete line of dental services to ensure a healthy smile for patients of all ages. Our patient’s comfort is always our top priority.

While cosmetic dentistry might be a once in a lifetime need, general dentistry and proper oral hygiene — including regular cleanings and exams — are essential to your overall health. When you choose us as your local dental provider, you and your family receive the benefit of a highly-qualified dental staff as well as the most advanced tools and techniques in dentistry including CEREC technology for Crowns, CBCT for 3D X-rays, Snap-on Smile Veneers and more!

Contact our offices today to schedule a dental cleaning appointment or a consultation for cosmetic dental services. We also offer emergency dental care!

General Dental Care

Dentist Explaining Tooth Extraction

Cosmetic Dental Care

Tooth repair
dental veneers
tooth repair in glenview & northbrook
dental implants in Glenview & Northbrook
silicone dental mouthguard orthodontic to correct teeth

Dental Consultations

Are you interested in exploring cosmetic dentistry options or looking for a new general dentist? Contact us today to schedule a consultation or an oral exam appointment.

Smile Obsession
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